What Our Customers Say?

Take it easy driving– Safety First– the life you save may be mine.


Knowledgeable competent reasonable quality one on one care for your auto repair needs. Well equipped with equipment and tools to provide a quick back on the road safely.

The cars we drive say a lot about us.


Had problem with my brakes. Took my car to Dotted Line next to my home. They flushed brake fluid and charged me leg and arm just for flushing, which did not resolve the problem at all, if anything made it worse, because the brake pedal started to feel weird afterwards. Took my car to Dotted Line, where they diagnosed the problem with master cylinder right away. Master cylinder has been replaced And what a difference. The car stops instantly after I apply brakes and the brake pedal is back to normal.

Thank you Dotted Line for wonderful job!

I referred all my friends and family to them!


My car is in an excellent shape because of them. I can only trust them to give an honest and quality service! Known them for many years and never got disappointed. Whichever make of the car you bring they know it all.

I transferred So many of my friends to them and everybody were extremely happy!