From a small operation franchise operation that began in the early summer of 2014 in the community of Vaughan, we are now independently owned and operated garage catering to our customers tire and auto repair needs; operating in Brampton.

About Dotted Line Tire and Auto

The brief time we operated as a auto Franchise exposed us to the positive and also the draw backs of a franchise operation. Being independent gives us the creative freedom to fashion and tailor our services to benefit our throng of customers as a whole and specifically. We chose the name “Dotted Line” simply to highlight our goal of making sure our customers know that our word is our bond. We will always thrive in honesty and customer dedication at all times.

Our 91 Kennedy Road South location is our pioneering store. We hope to use it as a model for future expansion and more locations to come. We like to maintain a very clean and neat work area. We specially like to pride ourselves in having a state of the art, beautifully decorated customer lobby that feels like home anytime. We push this model further by providing customers with free WIFI access. Dotted Line Tire & Auto specializes in retail sales and tire repairs for both car and truck.

As owners we provide customers with endless access to quality and new tires at extremely discounted and affordable rates. We want you to think of us first every time you have to make a decision to buy, replace, fix or service your auto and tires.

As a family owned business, we bring over 20 years of auto industry experience in the maintenance, servicing and rental aspects to bear every time we open our doors and garage bays to existing and potential customers. While our we will do everything to ensure our rates won’t be beaten, we will continue to focus on the best customer service experience out there in the industry.

We want you to be part of our business and family.

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91 Kennedy Rd S.
Brampton, ON
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WEEK DAYS:  8:00AM – 6:00PM
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Growth Timeline

Started with a small service
In the early summer of 2014 we started from a small operation franchise that located in Vaughan, ON. York Region. With a staff that had years of auto skills, we instantly built our brand of expert service and was known for getting the job done.
Specialized in retail sales and tire repairs
We moved our shop location to Brampton, ON. where we focused on selling tires and providing this need and demand in the area for great priced quality tires.
State of the art, beautifully decorated customer lobby
In 2018 we are a full auto shop Mechanical Auto Services shop, offering a wide variety of auto services and still selling quality tires.