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Why us?

About Dotted Line

From a small operation franchise operation that began in the early summer of 2014 at the community of Vaughan, we are now independently owned and operated garage catering to our customers tire and auto repair needs. The brief time we operated as a auto Franchise exposed us to the positive and also the draw backs of a franchise operation.

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Being independent gives us the creative freedom to fashion and tailor our services to benefit our throng of customers as a whole and specifically. We chose the name “Dotted Line” simply to highlight our goal of making sure our customers know that our word is our bond. We will always thrive in honesty and customer dedication at all times.

Take it easy driving– Safety First– the life you save may be mine.


Knowledgeable competent reasonable quality one on one care for your auto repair needs. Well equipped with equipment and tools to provide a quick back on the road safely.

The cars we drive say a lot about us.


Had problem with my brakes. Took my car to Dotted Line next to my home. They flushed brake fluid and charged me leg and arm just for flushing, which did not resolve the problem at all, if anything made it worse, because the brake pedal started to feel weird afterwards. Took my car to Dotted Line, where they diagnosed the problem with master cylinder right away. Master cylinder has been replaced And what a difference. The car stops instantly after I apply brakes and the brake pedal is back to normal.

Thank you Dotted Line for wonderful job!

I referred all my friends and family to them!


My car is in an excellent shape because of them. I can only trust them to give an honest and quality service! Known them for many years and never got disappointed. Whichever make of the car you bring they know it all.

I transferred So many of my friends to them and everybody were extremely happy!



At Dotted Line Tire & Auto we offer a varied range of quality New and used tires that are pocket friendly.

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Our friendly installers will make sure you leave our store happy with your purchase and experience. We give you free tire rotation every 10000KM.

Auto Repair

At Dotted Line Tire & Auto, we offer complete auto vehicle repair. From brakes, to frame, to engine, to transmission, to exhaust, etc.

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Our services are performed by our highly skilled Pro-Mechanics to ensure your complete satisfaction, ensure safe driving and extend the life of your vehicle.


To keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, your vehicle will have a list of good maintenance best practices to be done at set times.

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Maintenance best practices are developed by the manufacturer and described in your Owner’s Manual (OM) or we can use our software that recognizes your vehicles service recommendations.

Oil Change

Routine oil and filter changes help remove particles and sludge and keep engines at peak condition. It also improves gas mileage.
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The engine is the heart of your car; with a busted engine, your car is useless. We can service each component of your engine.
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Mobile Services

At Dotted Line we offer Mobile Auto Detailing and Tire Services, where we will come to your location; Your home, office, or anywhere else!
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We offer high quality tinting with a variety of different shades, so you can achieve that private sleek look you want.
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System Installation

We install security systems, remote car starter systems, audio systems, entertainment systems, etc.
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FAQ’S & News

  • If my car is under warranty at the dealership, can I still bring my car to your shop for regular service and not lose my warranty?

    Yes, absolutely. You are protected! Forget all about that old myth. As The Paper Writer Chronicles

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    On the opposite side, besides facts, the reader want to learn about your private opinion, suggestions and thoughts about the discipline. So, the writing company has to ensure that every customer who might address them will be happy with their work. Be sure the writer will handle with your custom term paper writing purchase. In reality, writers are having difficulty in creating a topic which most reflects their work. An individual may believe that writing a paper is quite an easy job, but still there are a few steps each should remember.

    long as you follow the specifications given by the manufacturer (which can be found in your handy owner’s manual), your warranty is valid. At Dotted Line, we always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. We’ll make sure your warranty remains valid and your car remains happy – for many miles to come!

  • Do I really need winter tires?

    Yes. Only winter tires are designed to excel in the colder temperatures, slush, snow and ice. Recent advancements in electronic driver aids, such as ABS and traction control don’t provide more traction. They only help prevent drivers from over braking or overpowering the available traction of their tires. The only thing the driver can do to increase traction, to actually get more grip and control, is to install winter tires.

  • How often do I need an oil change?

    While it’s true some vehicles need an oil change every five thousand (5000KM) clicks, others only require this service every 10,000KM or 15,000KM. It’s best to refer to your owners manual for recommended oil changes. Even if your vehicle requires a longer interval between oil changes you may still need to change out, Air filters, Fuel filters and check fluid levels. A good rule of thumb is to get your vehicle serviced twice yearly.

  • My check engine light is on, what should I do?

    If your check engine light is on, that is your vehicle reporting an issue. The light indicates that a trouble code has been stored inside the history in your vehicle’s on-board computer, or ECM (Engine Control Module.) You need to have that code scanned and interpreted; from there, the diagnostics can begin. While the car’s computer does not actually say what the specific problem is, it will indicate what system has experienced the malfunction, as an example, the ignition, emission or fuel-related. From there, a mechanic can start troubleshooting to determine the cause of the problem.

Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or…

Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or…

Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or…

Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or…

Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or…

Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or…

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